Class II Div I, Severe Overjet, Deep Bite
Mandibular Advancement Surgery

Class II canines, Excessive Overjet, Deep Overbite

Class III Canines, Anterior Open Bite
Lower Anterior Recession, Proclined Incisors
Midline Discrepancy, Moderate Crowding

Class II Div I, Severe Over Jet,
Deep Bite Palatal Impingement
Spacing, Midline discrepancy

Class II, Labially blocked canine
Anterior & Posterior Crossbite
Midline discrepancy, Retroclined Upper Incisors

Spacing, Proclined & Protruded Insicor
Excessive Overjet & Overbite

Class II Div I, Excessive Overjet, Shallow Overbite
Palatally Impacted Canines, Midline Discrepancy

Class II, Excessie Overjet, Deep overbite

Class II, Severe Crowding, Posterior Cross Bite
Labially blocked upper canines, Deep Bite.

Class II, Deep bite, Retroclined Incisors
Adult Molar Distalization, Upper Incisor Bonding

Class I, Anterior Cross Bite, Midline Discrepancy
Missing Lower Right second premolar

Class III canines, Severe Crowding
Shallow overbite, Midline Discrepancy

Class II, Deep bite, Severe crowding

Class II, Deep bite, Severe Crowding

Diastema, Lack of Midline, Frenectomy

8 yr old, Central Diastema, Maxillary Laterals blocked

Class I Crowding, Retroclined Incisors
V-shaped Arches, Midline discrepancy

Class I Crowding, Lack of canine guidance